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Waiting for winter


Hope and girls arrived Oct 6th for the weekend.  We had plenty of fun and met lots of friends at church and the Park Row Cafe. . .

They departed on a cloudy/rainy day the 8th.


Lynda & George arrived the 25th on vacation.  After a few relaxing visits with friends, they left Mon. Oct 1 driving back to Arizona.


MOM and I flew the Beech to Michigan to visit Ruthie & Mike and cousins Eleanor and Dorothy.  The first leg on Sep 21 to Rochester, NY was routine except fog delayed departure 1.5 hours.   The next leg to Traverse City was a long one since we were trying to make up time by skipping the pit stop at Saginaw.

Sunday we flew to Sturgis to visit with Eleanor and Dorothy, and returned home on Monday the 24th.  The flight record can be found at Check:   http://flightaware.com/live/flight/N4858  The N4858 is the Beech's license, or N number.


MOM's 80th birthday lasted all week !  Family members from as far away as Washington state, Arizona, Illinois, & Michigan gathered to wish her well.   As of 9PM 8/21, the last travelling family member, [Ruthie] checked in at home.  A grand party was held at Julia, Joyce and Pat's that topped all other parties !

[pictures later]


Hope and girls visited over the Memorial Day weekend.


MOM and I went to Chicago in April for a weekend trip.




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Bethany,Stacey & MOM 
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 80TH BDay Cake.
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MOM & Group
 lucy remy fezy leah   
     &    danielle
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Family Gathering
Birthday party 
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